Well, it has been a few days since I posted in my blog and most of you know, I have been getting ready for this show my friend Carmen and I did. It was the craft show from hell this weekend. It is always a good show for us but it is exhausting for us. Between us we had over 250 pieces each, our tables looked great and now we are glad it is over. I am guessing we sold over 100 pieces of jewelry and that is good considering there are over 7 fusers in this show and more than 30 jewelers selling their goodies there. I have to say the Craft Show venue is hard on my self esteem, there seems to be a lot of negative people that attend these things, not to mention the people that walk around to get ideas, you know the ones, I call them craft show lizards. They are all about taking the idea home with them. They know nothing of ethics and copying is second nature to them. I had a few fusing lizards at my table Oh what I wouldn’t give to tackle them to the floor and shake the liv’n you know what outta them. But I smile and remember Karma will have it’s way.

Thanks for listening folks, love ya Carmen for holding my hand and not letting me tackle the cheaters in the world and mak’n an ass outta myself. LOL!

I love you all