I have to tell you I don’t know enough about this subject to even be talking about it. I do know it happens to me all the time. I know, what are you talking about now Michelle? Right? I am talking about connecting with other people while I am in an altered state (during creativity). Experiencing their art, their lives and translating it to my own art. Just recently after a fusing session I came across a woman’s art (Hi Paula) it was crazy how the colors coincided and the subject of the art seemed to look like cousins to one another, not exact but close enough that it looked like I had viewed her work then did it. She and I had a great connection I traded art with her I now have a print of hers and she has my pendant. Thanks Paula!
Then Wednesday 11/1. I came across a card (hi Iva) the colors are not alike but the extensions from the heart in her card and my heart pin are nearly the same. thanks for responding to my email Iva. This time I had my pin listed first so maybe this person had a connection with me by the way great minds do think alike! I am in no way saying “copying” just so we are clear. I am talking true Quantum Physics. A connection beyond our imaginations. Go look at Iva and Paula’s art I have them in my Blogroll to the left!

Vachu? Do you think my dream about you was connected visit? ;)) I dream about people all the time too, right Carmen? Thank God for my friends, who love me in spite of my weirdness.

PaulamanningMy pendant

dreamhonesty.jpegmy pin