I love beads needless to say . I am not normal, I hoard beads just to look at them, like art. I click them on my teeth, I hold them, I dream of using them but I don’t ever think I can make anything that will be worthy of their use. So they get stashed away until my next holding, clicking session where I decide I don’t have good enough ideas for them once again. I just can’t help my self.
I have made friends with a fantastic lamp worker Sarah Hornik Her link is to the left of my blog be sure to go look at her beautiful glass beads. I met her on flickr, I have admired her work for a very long time. In fact I go into ebay all the time and try to win her beads with not a whole lotta luck…until…one day I won, I couldn’t believe it. I feel so lucky to own any thing she made. Well friends I broke the cycle. I made something with the beautiful beads, they are not held up in a box somewhere calling my name. I am still not sure the design is worthy of the beads, but the beads begged me, please Michelle make something with us. LOL!

Here is what I made.

Sarah’s beads