November 2006

I am headed over to my moms house. I can’t wait to walk into the house and smell that turkey. I begged her to bake it this year instead of deep fry it. I spent the morning making a desert and gathering sage for the stuffing.

I have been a busy girl this week but not fusing. I got my house cleaned I should have taken a picture of that disaster. Does anyone know what happens when you go into you studio and 3 kids and 2 dog and any number of neighbor kids are running around? Well, you don’t want to know. I found things in my house that completely perplexed me, NO kidding, A brick, I am pretty sure my dog brought in to play with.

I have a few swap I received this week I need to post next week. Thanks Diane and Sarah! Made my day.

Well I am headed out wanted to with everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Love you all!


Well, it has been a few days since I posted in my blog and most of you know, I have been getting ready for this show my friend Carmen and I did. It was the craft show from hell this weekend. It is always a good show for us but it is exhausting for us. Between us we had over 250 pieces each, our tables looked great and now we are glad it is over. I am guessing we sold over 100 pieces of jewelry and that is good considering there are over 7 fusers in this show and more than 30 jewelers selling their goodies there. I have to say the Craft Show venue is hard on my self esteem, there seems to be a lot of negative people that attend these things, not to mention the people that walk around to get ideas, you know the ones, I call them craft show lizards. They are all about taking the idea home with them. They know nothing of ethics and copying is second nature to them. I had a few fusing lizards at my table Oh what I wouldn’t give to tackle them to the floor and shake the liv’n you know what outta them. But I smile and remember Karma will have it’s way.

Thanks for listening folks, love ya Carmen for holding my hand and not letting me tackle the cheaters in the world and mak’n an ass outta myself. LOL!

I love you all


glass-lace.jpgI tried to blog this morning but I had a hard time logging in so this will be this evening and tomorrows entry.

Experimenting with glass brings me great excitement as most of you know. A lot of mistakes become great ideas. I love to show what I do but I don’t like to give the exact formula to how I got to my end result, because I feel there is a great deal of joy to be had when you discover something on your own and the road to discovery worth all the steps believe me.

SO todays experiment/mistake is awesome I think. I am calling it glass lace, it is so delicate and colorful. Please let me know what you think. I will post what I do with this interesting stuff later, I just had to show this first.

I have to tell you I don’t know enough about this subject to even be talking about it. I do know it happens to me all the time. I know, what are you talking about now Michelle? Right? I am talking about connecting with other people while I am in an altered state (during creativity). Experiencing their art, their lives and translating it to my own art. Just recently after a fusing session I came across a woman’s art (Hi Paula) it was crazy how the colors coincided and the subject of the art seemed to look like cousins to one another, not exact but close enough that it looked like I had viewed her work then did it. She and I had a great connection I traded art with her I now have a print of hers and she has my pendant. Thanks Paula!
Then Wednesday 11/1. I came across a card (hi Iva) the colors are not alike but the extensions from the heart in her card and my heart pin are nearly the same. thanks for responding to my email Iva. This time I had my pin listed first so maybe this person had a connection with me by the way great minds do think alike! I am in no way saying “copying” just so we are clear. I am talking true Quantum Physics. A connection beyond our imaginations. Go look at Iva and Paula’s art I have them in my Blogroll to the left!

Vachu? Do you think my dream about you was connected visit? ;)) I dream about people all the time too, right Carmen? Thank God for my friends, who love me in spite of my weirdness.

PaulamanningMy pendant

dreamhonesty.jpegmy pin

I love beads needless to say . I am not normal, I hoard beads just to look at them, like art. I click them on my teeth, I hold them, I dream of using them but I don’t ever think I can make anything that will be worthy of their use. So they get stashed away until my next holding, clicking session where I decide I don’t have good enough ideas for them once again. I just can’t help my self.
I have made friends with a fantastic lamp worker Sarah Hornik Her link is to the left of my blog be sure to go look at her beautiful glass beads. I met her on flickr, I have admired her work for a very long time. In fact I go into ebay all the time and try to win her beads with not a whole lotta luck…until…one day I won, I couldn’t believe it. I feel so lucky to own any thing she made. Well friends I broke the cycle. I made something with the beautiful beads, they are not held up in a box somewhere calling my name. I am still not sure the design is worthy of the beads, but the beads begged me, please Michelle make something with us. LOL!

Here is what I made.

Sarah’s beads


I have been gearing up for my next big show for November 11 and 12 and loading things in my Etsy shop daily. Last night I made a promo post card to go out to announce this show. I had a new printer to set up and kids to get ready for trick or treat. Thank God for my MOM! She took them for me last night. Was that enough stuff to do in a short time?

Today my plans are to fill out the post cards and do about twenty snowmen pendants. I am not a person that likes to do the same thing over and over cookie cutter design but for Christmas Designs I can make an exception. Last year I cut each piece of glass for my snow man and about sent myself over the edge. This year I found a new easier way and I love it.

The new snowman