October 2006

New kiln second from right

Poor old kiln
I have been fusing for 7 years, I can’t believe it. Every day has been an adventure, I have had creative block and creative burst. I have fused for 24 hours before, yes that means I didn’t sleep and neither did my kiln. Each time I open my kiln it is a gift or a treasure I can’t explain. I never know what the heat will do to the glass that is the beauty of it. This art has saved me in so many ways. It was my creative oulet, it helped me financially and the thing it has done that I can never explain is when I am creating with glass I am not in physical pain, my mind goes to the place where there is no pain. It is better than Vicodine any day!

As of yesterday I have 4 kilns. My new kiln arrived at about 4 pm yesterday! My original kiln has a been good to me but the firebrick drops off in chunks. It is my fault really I have over melted 1 or 5 times in the 7 years so I am the kiln abuser. That kiln has been a great warm friend to me and made many a pendants and earrings. I am not saying good bye I am just giving it a much needed rest and using it sparingly.

I love the smell of a new kiln LOL!


Hi everyone

As promised, I am featuring artist that inspire me. I found one today in etsy, her name is Groovyglassgirl. I love the way she designs the wire to go around the glass. It is so classy and creativ. I really wonder what she could do with my fused glass cabs. What a great combo that would make. I hope you enjoy my first feature artist. Please go look at her etsy she has so many cool things. Check back daily I will be promoting other artist I like.

Have a an awesome Day – Shoozles


Never Alone Collage

I did this for The Art East Tour. It was a group exhibit. This was the first time I ever had a show with my art. I do jewelry shows all the time but this was new and scary for me. I want to thank all the people that helped me price them and encouraged me to sell them.

I have been inspired by many to do this wonderful blogging thing. What a great way to get to know people and to expand my world. I will be sharing all sorts of things. My creative process, my crazy family days, my I’m ticked I gotta get out rant and the thing I love to do best is tell people about other artist, people that inspire me.

I want to say right off the bat, I am not a writer, I am Dyslexic, so with that said I am not a great speller and I am not sure when to use a comma or any other punctuation for that matter. I just want to share and not get beat up for not knowing these things. My Right brain is what saves me, I am pretty sure I have a big hole on the left side of my brain right where logic belongs. LOL GO Right Brainers!
Just love me folks, it takes a lot a courage for a person like me to do this.

Big Hugs